Monday, December 22, 2014

Books I'm Bringing Home Over Break

Hey, y'all! I've seen several booktubers who are in college make videos showing the books that they brought home with them for the holidays, so I decided to do the same.

So, one of the biggest struggles over break is trying to figure out what I can bring home with me. Since I go to school a very, very, long way away from where my parents live, and checking bags is super expensive, I usually just bring a backpack and a small suitcase home with me, so it's always a struggle to try to figure out what clothes and fun things to bring home with me, especially because I know I'll be coming home with more things at the end of the break. So I had to choose the books that I wanted to take home with me very carefully, because even though I have a kindle, I have most of my books only in physical form. Let's get right into it!

Also, as a side note, I'll be listing these in the order that I plan to read them!

The Hunger Games Trilogy
Book 1: The Hunger Games
Book 2: Catching Fire
Book 3: Mockingjay
by Suzanne Collins

I've mentioned this before several times, but I've actually never read The Hunger Games trilogy. Now, before you go freaking out, allow me to explain. I tried to start it for the first time back in my senior year of high school 3 years ago, when it was huge, huge, HUGE because the movie was just about to come out. The first couple chapters didn't hold my attention quite enough, and so I ended up setting it down. And there were several reasons that I never picked it back up. I really wanted to avoid it because of all the hype around it. I didn't want another Twilight moment. I also heard a lot of negative things about the third book from some friends whose opinions I trust. And I ended up seeing the movie (just the first one!) before reading the book, so I knew what happened. And I got spoiled for some of the ending (a certain character's death, as well as the result of the love triangle). So yeah, there are a lot of reasons that I haven't read these books yet. But I know that I'll at least love the first book once I actually read it, so I just need to get on that already.

The Rook
by Daniel O'Malley

I've had this book on my TBR for a few months now. I saw it as a recommendation after reading Ready Player One, and the book summary had me hooked. I absolutely love fantasy and dystopian, and lately, I've been really digging adult fantasy. Ideally, I'll be reading this immediately after The Hunger Games, but I might read The Name of the Wind instead, since I want to read it by the end of the year. It honestly just depends how quickly I finish The Hunger Games trilogy, because I want to be done with at least one of the two before the end of the year.

The Kingkiller Chronicle
Book 1: The Name of the Wind
Book 2: The Wise Man's Fear
by Patrick Rothfuss

Ideally, I'll be done with everything through the end of The Name of the Wind by the end of the year, and The Wise Man's Fear will be my first book of 2015. However, things might get shuffled around. Who knows. But I'm really anxious to read these books. I've heard amazing things about them, and I've been really into adult high fantasy lately and both of these books have 4.5 stars on GoodReads. Seriously, that's just incredibly impressive. I don't even think that Harry Potter can boast stats that consistent. I just want to get in on this amazing series.

by Gretchen McNeil

I brought this one with me just in case I read everything I have with me and want something to read on the way back to school. I'm not expecting this to be that great, but a really simple murder mystery with no depth just sounds great.

So, those are the books that I brought home with me! If, by some odd chance, I happen to read all of these before the end of break (doubtful, given that the books in The Kingkiller Chronicle are over 700 and over 900 pages respectively), I have my kindle with me, and have a handful of books on there that I can read. 

I've started doing Booktube a little as well, so if you want to check that out, you can click HEREI plan to post most of my videos to my blog, but just in case I miss one or decide not to post it on here, that will keep you up-to date. 

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