Friday, January 13, 2012

Project Runway All Stars- A Night at the...?

I hate to say I told you so... but I'm just too proud of myself not to :)
More on this later!

The Challenge:
Mr. Badgley and Mr. Mischka (of Badgley Mischka, duh!) give the designers the task of designing a gown for a night at the opera. When I first found this out a couple days ago, my first reaction was "Austin's going to excel in this challenge!". This thought was apparently echoed throughout the workroom, as everyone seemed to think Austin was the hands-down favorite to win. However, today, I was absentmindedly thinking about tonight's upcoming episode and remembered, "Hey! Michael usually makes really pretty gowns too! Why didn't I remember that?". Apparently, I was the only one to have this epiphany, because other designers seemed to find his dress tacky. I really hope we don't have a repeat of season 8 where everyone constantly thinks Michael's dress is hideous and then he ends up in the top.

The Workroom:
If simply seeing the dresses walk the runway isn't enough for you to be able to tell who is going to be in the top and bottom, then all the workroom action should be. Before any of the dresses hit the runway, I already had the bottom 3 pegged. It would be a lot more suspenseful if they would make the top more obvious than the bottom. Seeing some people working is just painful to watch. Like Kara- she's a dreadful mess.

The Runway:
While watching, I jotted down my initial reactions to each gown, and here they are:
Kenley- pretty, but not amazing... possibly because I despise that color of pink.
Gordana- it looked more like a shirt and skirt, but the color was pretty.
Rami- the straps were draped beautifully, but it wasn't a good color.
Mila- she claimed it was black, but the bottom looked brown. eh.
Sweet P- AWFUL (exactly what I wrote)
Mondo- not my favorite from him, but very futuristic looking
Jerell- pretty-ish. the bust needed some help.
Kara- not opera. reminded me of sweet P's silhouette.
Anthony- pretty and drapey
Austin- not as impressive as I'd expected, but still very nice.
April- Ew. Her model's stying was awful, as was the dress.
Michael- best dress award (i literally gasped when I saw the finished product)

by the end of the runway, I still had Sweet P, Kara, and April as my personal bottom 3, and was sure of Michael and Anthony's slots in the top. I wasn't totally sure of whether Austin belonged there or not... but apparently he did!

Anthony- pretty, well made and draped. It didn't look like a wedding dress, which was Joanna's concern. I thought it looked beautiful but wish he hadn't added stuff on!
April- While I disagree about red & black looking bad together (the colors of my room are actually red and black, and everything is designed around those colors- they're my favorite color combo), I do think her "ombre" was uneven... and you can't even call it an ombre, because the darkest part wasn't even all the way to the bottom. It was a large splash on the front. It was messy and tortured looking, not to mention STYLING!!!
Sweet P- Nothing was working. When I first saw her model, I said she looked pregnant. The way the material stuck out of the waist, it made her look a lot bigger than she is, and let's face it, that print was neither opera nor gown worthy.
Austin- Really sophisticated. I thought the top was beautiful, but in my opinion, everything below the bust was a little boring.
Kara- After a second and third glance, the print doesn't look as hideous as I thought it did. But it is simply not right for the opera, and the shape she gave it didn't match the pattern on the fabric.
Michael- perfection! This was honestly, the best dress of the night. It was stunning, and like I said, I literally gasped as it walked out.

And the winner is... Austin!
... really? This is the second week in a row where I thought the 2nd place designer had a far superior garment than the winner.

The judges did, however, make the correct choice in sending home... Sweet P!
I totally agree with their decision. And I'm glad I predicted correctly that she would be the next to go! Her dress was truly unflattering and ugly. So, pat on the back to me! I told you so!

My Prediction for Next Week:
Next week, it appears the designers are dressing Miss Piggy! I think this is a bit ridiculous, but I don't make the challenges! In my previous "prediction" post, I predicted Gordana as the next one to get the axe, and I'm sticking to that!

Questions? Comments? Did you like it? Did anyone even READ this?! Any feedback is much appreciated, even if it's just "I read your blog"!

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