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Project Runway All Stars- How It Will Play Out and Who Deserved A Spot

I would like to make it clear that the order of elimination on here is only my OPINION. I don't know anything about how it actually ends up. Since I'm a very visual person, I literally sat down and wrote each designer's name on a slip of paper and put them out in front of me and then put them in order. Enjoy :)

How It Will Play Out
I correctly predicted that Elisa would be the first eliminated last week, so hopefully I continue predicting everything well! Some of this list is based on who I like, but it's mostly based on who I think are the strongest designers.

I'd also like to say that, past Elisa, I'm fairly confident of who belongs in the top half and bottom half, but not entirely sure of where everyone falls inside those 2 halves... but I'll let you know that when I get there!

My order of elimination:
13) Elisa- Obviously, she was the first eliminated, but I called that when they first announced the cast. She placed 10th in her own season. There was absolutely no chance for her success among such talented people.
12) Sweet P- She wasn't extremely successful in her own season. Yes she made it to the top 5, but she never made anything extremely memorable. She had a lot of ups and downs and never won a challenge.
11) Gordana- Let's face it, season 6 was the worst one, and she didn't even make the top 3. She only won one challenge, and was in the bottom and safe a lot more than she was in the top.
10) Kara- She never won a challenge in her season, and was pretty up and down along the way. I don't think she has the stamina to continue in the competition too long.
9) Austin- Oh, my dear Austin! Why are you so low? Well, I went over his stats and he was only safe ONCE. He won 2, and was in the bottom 5 times. Inconsistency isn't a good thing on Project Runway! He probably won't make it to the top half of the pack, but may make it closer than I anticipate.
8) April- Honestly, she tends to make the same type of dress over and over. The judges noticed in her season, and the judges WILL notice this season. The only time April won a challenge was when another designer executed her design for her. She was a very middle-of-the-pack designer, which won't cut it for All Stars.
7) Mila- This is about the spot where I get a bit less confident about my placement. So many designers are at about the same level talent wise and it's hard to place them. Mila is one of these. She was in the bottom 5 times, but she had incredible staying power, so I'm not sure where she goes for sure, but it's somewhere in this area!
6) Rami- He was a bit all over the place in his season. And, if he does too much draping, he'll be labelled a one-note and will be sent packing. Plus, the person that wins the first challenge almost never wins the season.
5) Anthony- I really wish my Anthony had more potential than this, but sadly, I think this is about where he'll end up. He DID win 2 challenges in his season, but was also out twice. I'm hopeful he'll get at least this far, but I'm almost positive he won't get any higher than this.
4) Kenley- The people who chose the cast must have really had it out for the girls. They picked some really weak female designers. I do think, however, that Kenley has potential to get up there with the guys if she can just keep her mouth shut and take critiques better.
3) Michael- Michael is one of the 3 All Stars who has won 3 challenges or more, but his brilliance stops there. Besides the challenges he won, he wasn't in the top. He was safe a lot, however, which, combined with his aptitude for winning, could get him up in the top.
2) Jerell- I've never been a big fan of his, but when I looked at his stats from season 5 to see how much potential he had, I was surprised! He was in the top 6 times, and the bottom only twice. And both of those times, he was only in the bottom 3, not the bottom 2. He has the potential to do excellent in All Stars
1) Mondo- I honestly think he has the most potential to succeed this season. He was robbed of a win in season 8, and the fact that he's been on the show more recently should be an advantage. I know I previously said he was my favorite, but that's not the only reason I have him coming out victorious. In his season, he was in the top 9 times. NINE. That's more than some of the designers even had a chance to be in the top. And he was in the bottom ONCE. The challenge where Michael executed his design.

My All Star Cast
I realize that when they make out a cast, Project Runway has certain guidelines they have to go by. They can't choose all guys, or all girls, and the designers need to have variety in aesthetic, to keep things interesting. You wouldn't want 16 girls sending 16 pink frilly dresses down the runway. My choices, however, are not based off of that. I'm about to tell you who I wish had been on the show, regardless of gender, season, and design variety :) My only stipulation is that I'm not choosing anyone who won their season.

Austin Scarlett (season 1)
Daniel Vosovic (season 2)- My 2nd favorite designer ever on PR
Santino Rice (season 2)- I love him!
Daniel Franco (seasons 1 &2)- how could they not have him?!?!
Vincent Libretti (season 3)- for the kooky entertainment
Kayne Gillaspie (season 3)- so much fun
Jillian Lewis (season 4)
Rami Kashou (season 4)
Blayne Walsh (season 5)- holla at ya boy!
Kenley Collins (season 5)
Carol Hannah Whitfield (season 6)
Anthony Williams (season 7)
Emilio Sosa (season 7)
Mondo Guerra (season 8)
Michael Costello (season 8)
Anthony Ryan Auld (season 9)

Who would you have chosen as your All Stars? I almost added in Andrae and Nick from season 2, but realized Nick blogs for PR, and Andrae is well... ANDRAE. Also, what do you think of my placings for the All Stars? Anything surprise you?

Tomorrow... er... Tonight's challenge supposedly has to do with designing gowns, which I think helps my elimination prediction... Sweet P doesn't seem good at gowns. Austin, on the other hand, should excell!

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