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Ranking Project Runway Designers #9 [109-120]

Hey, y'all! So I'm back with the next post in my series ranking all of the Project Runway designers! As I said in the last post, this is a new 18 post series on my blog, with each post consisting of the next 12 designers. 

Here's my disclaimer once again: Any and all comments are my opinions on them based on the way they presented themselves on the show (and of course, the way the show was edited) and in no way is a reflection of how they are in real life. The way a contestant presents themself on a show, combined with the editing of the show, is not necessarily the way they are outside of the show, and because I don't know these people personally, I can only go based off of the way they were portrayed on the show. 

Also, I feel like this is a little obvious, but I'll go ahead and say it anyway. If you don't want to be spoiled for what happens in the show or what order people go home, don't read any further. Because I will mention what place the person got. And I'll be talking about All-Stars placings too, if applicable, so just bear that in mind before continuing to read on. So let's just jump right into the next 12 on the list.

Since I can already see myself sounding like a broken record on this post, I'm just going to put it out here at the beginning: this list is largely made up of people from some of my least favorite seasons who are barely within the top half of my favorites within their seasons. So lots of conflicting opinions on each of these people.  

120. Buffi Jashanmal
Season 10- 12th Place

Right from the start, I mostly enjoyed Buffi's personality. I thought she was funny and funny to watch, though sometimes a little too much. However, she didn't last very long and I simply couldn't get past the fact that I disliked her aesthetic. It was loud and obnoxious and everything I dislike. And unfortunately, her stuff didn't look very well-made. I wanted to like her based on her personality, but couldn't get past her designs.

119. Ari Fish
Season 6- 16th Place

I really wish that Ari had stayed longer than she did. She seemed really interesting, and it's a shame that she ended up getting cut in episode 1, but her designs were a little off-the-wall and that typically doesn't go over too well or last too long on PR.

118. John Wade
Season 2- 16th Place

You're probably wondering how on earth John got here. And you're probably right. He should be further down on the list. If we're being technical, he was kinda a semi-finalist. But at this point, we're still firmly in the category of people I have mildly positive opinions on vs. lower on the list, which is people I actively dislike. And I was digging John's vibe. I didn't think that his first dress was that great, but I liked some of his prior designs, enjoyed his personality, and thought that he could've been enjoyable on the show. So he winds up here.

117. Tu Suthiwat Nakchat
Season 11- 10th Place

Tu was... interesting. The main thing that I disliked about him was his aesthetic. I just didn't like any of his designs. And his personality was lackluster on top of that. And even worse, he was on a season that's pretty low on my favorites list. 

116. Rodney Epperson
Season 6- 9th Place

I enjoyed Epperson. He's definitely one of the people who falls under the category mentioned at the beginning. I don't have strong opinions on him, but he definitely falls in the upper half of my season 6 favorites. And season 6 was one of my least favorite seasons that I've watched the fewest seasons. 

115. Robert Plotkin
Season 1- 5th Place

Oh, Robert. Oh, Robert. I'm not even sure what Robert was doing on the show. I want to say that he wasn't even a designer prior to the show, but don't quote me on that. He just didn't seem to have much skill or talent... but he was one of the most entertaining people to watch. Robert was just a disaster! I think that he's the only person to ever injure themselves on Project Runway because of things outside of designing. He was literally trying to impress Alexandra and had to be taken to the hospital for a head injury. Wat. He was such a bro and so ridiculous and hilarious. After being eliminated, he was brought back to assist the other designers and all he did was sit, chat, and drink coffee. Everyone knew he was unhelpful. He was just a delightful disaster to watch.

114. Jillian Lewis
Season 4- 3rd Place

I think I'm going to have some people disagree with me here, because she's a favorite from a favorite season. But in my opinion, she's good on a not-so-favorite season. Come at me, bro. Her personality was a little bland for me, and I remember her designs often being a bit too cutesy for me. Just not my cup of tea, and not super memorable for me. She's in the top half of my favorites on her season, but (unpopular opinion alert) season 4 simply isn't one of my favorites. #sorrynotsorry 

113. Elena Slivnyak
Season 10- 6th Place
All Stars Season 3- 3rd Place

When I first saw Elena on the show, I actually thought that I was going to like her. She had a cool personal style, and I thought her designs looked pretty cool. But then, she got onto the show and she was insane. She was crazy, she screamed at everything and everyone, and she was thoroughly unpleasant. Also, I feel like her style didn't translate well to the show. Her designs outside of the show were really cool, but they were also pretty intricate and definitely took longer than a day to make, and so some of her designs ended up being rushed and not as good as they should have been.

112. Kooan Kosuke
Season 10- 13th Place (Quit)

Oh Kooan. Oh, Kooan. Kooan was such an interesting character. The more distance I get from the season, the more I like him. The first time that I ranked this list, he was rather low, but that was before a re-watch of season 10. And after re-watching season 10, I moved him up quite a bit. His aesthetic is rather out there, but pretty interesting at the same time. There were certainly designs of his that I enjoyed more than I did before, as well as some I still didn't like. But he didn't last too long and therefore doesn't leave a huge impression on me.

111. Korto Momolu
Season 5- 2nd Place

Once again, a middle of the favorites person on a least favorite season. I'm not entirely sure of the general perception of season 5, but for me, it's one of the seasons I've watched the least and one of the ones that I care the least about, and Korto falls around the middle of my favorites on that season. I liked her and found her personality likeable, but I felt a bit meh about her designs. There were some standouts that were very good, but I didn't dig her aesthetic that much overall. So she falls around the middle of the list.

110. Gordana Gelhausen
Season 6- 4th Place

Once again. Not a season 6 fan. (Is anyone...?) Gordana is actually probably in my upper half for that season, but season 6 is just so... ugh. I thought she was a fairly strong designer and I love her bridesmaid remake dress, but I never really connected with her and found her personality a little bland.

109. Char Clover
Season 13- 4th Place

I think we've started and finished this list on rather similar notes. Char had an enjoyable personality. She was entertaining and fun to watch, but I was not a fan of her designs. And like Buffi, her construction was questionable. She made it so much further than she should've. I liked her, but she fell around the middle of my favorites that season.

So, those are the next 12 designers in my Project Runway designer rankings! I'll be back soon with the designers who got places 97-108! Who are your favorite and least favorite people to be on Project Runway? Let me know down in the comments!

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