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Top 10 Most Read Authors

Hey, y'all! So I recently (as in a few hours ago) discovered that this weekly series called "Top 10 Tuesday" exists. This is a weekly series created by The Broke and the Bookish (link here if you want to check it out!), where each Tuesday has a certain "top 10" topic attached to it. 

This week's topic is Top 10 Most Read Authors, which was actually kinda difficult for me. I'm not sure how this works for y'all, but I definitely get more attached to genres than I do to specific authors. While there are definitely some authors that I get attached to, in general, I tend to focus more upon the book descriptions that interest me or on the genres that interest me than upon certain authors. So, because of that, there are a very small handful of authors who I've read a lot of books from, but past that, my reads are stretched across a very wide range of authors. So because of that, you'll see some authors where I've read a lot of books by them, and a lot where I've only read a handful. That being said, let's jump into the list! 

10. Peg Kehret
# of books read: ???

OK, so I honestly have no idea how many Peg Kehret books I've read. On this list, I tried to exclude authors I read when I was a kid, because I read so many books, and I simply just can't remember all of the books I read. However, I was getting to the point where I'd only read 4 books by an author, and I didn't want to get to any smaller numbers, so I just decided to talk about Peg Kehret. She was one of my favorite authors, and I read a ton of her books. But I just can't remember how many. Oops. 

9. Stephenie Meyer
# of books read: 4

She's tied with the next person on the list, but I've only read one series by her (Twilight, obvi) so I decided to give her the lower spot. Plus, I don't like her books as much as I like the books by the next person. 

8. Brandon Sanderson
# of books read: 4

This is a recent addition to the list, because until June, I hadn't read any of his books. But I fell in love with his Mistborn trilogy and really enjoyed The Rithmatist, so I completely expect him to move up this list very rapidly. He'll probably be up in the top 5 by the end of the year! New favorite author, for sure. 

7. Beth Revis
# of books read: 5

I've read almost everything (if not everything) that Beth Revis has published: her Across the Universe trilogy, The Body Electric, and The Future Collection (a collection of her short stories). I may be missing a few short stories, but that's it! She's one of my favorite authors, and I can't wait to read whatever she publishes next! 

6. Joe Hill
# of books read: 6

I actually forgot about Joe Hill until I looked at my "most read authors" on Goodreads and saw him on there. The 6 books I've read by him are the 6 books in his Locke & Key graphic novel/comic series. Not sure I'm going to be reading any more books by him, but I did enjoy the series!

5. J.K. Rowling
# of books read: 8

The first seven books that I've read by J.K. Rowling should be pretty obvious: the Harry Potter series. Although I probably should've read Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them & Quidditch Through the Ages by this point, I haven't. The only other book I've actually read by her is The Tales of Beedle the Bard. I might read some of her Robert Galbraith books, but those are probably the only other books by her that I would actually read.

4. D.J. MacHale
# of books read: 10

The books I've read by him are the 10 books of the Pendragon series, which is one of my favorite series of all-time. I don't plan on reading any more of his books, mostly because they're middle grade and don't really interest me, but I do really enjoy the ones I have read by him.

3. Cassandra Clare
# of books read: 10

Cassie Clare is most definitely among my favorite authors. I love her Mortal Instruments series and Infernal Devices trilogy, and I also enjoyed The Bane Chronicles... or at least most of it. And I also plan on reading the rest of her books as well. I also plan on reading the first two books from her Magisterium series (cowritten by Holly Black) very soon, so she'll be moving up on this list really soon.

2. Agatha Christie
# of books read: 11

Once again, Agatha Christie is one of my favorite authors. My favorite stand-alone of all time is her book, And Then There Were None, and I've also enjoyed (almost) all of the 10 books that I've read from her Poirot series. And I do plan to read many, many more of her books in the future, so I expect her to stay up high on this list, if not all the way at the top.

1. Lemony Snicket
# of books read: 13

Lemony Snicket is, of course, the pen name of Daniel Handler, but I haven't read any Daniel Handler books, so I decided to name Lemony Snicket. I almost didn't include him in this list, because I consider these books as ones that I read when I was a kid (I think I read them mostly in elementary school). However, I was running low on people, so I decided to include him and he ended up at #1! Now, I'm sure there are authors that I've read more from than Lemony Snicket, but they're all among the authors I read when I was a kid and (as mentioned earlier) I'm not including those on this list. 

So, that's it for my post on my top 10 most read authors! I definitely plan to keep doing the Top 10 Tuesday series in the future, mostly on here, but possibly on my YouTube channel as well if I decide that the topic would work better in video form. My YouTube channel is linked below, so feel free to check that out if you want to!

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