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30 Day Random Questions Challenge

Hey, y'all! It's once again time for a One Day Tumblr Challenge! Today, I'm doing 30 Day Random Questions Challenge. So, it's all really random questions about me, some which one might expect on an "about me" challenge, some which are a little more random. Let's get started!

Day 01 - Your middle name, and how you feel about it.

My middle name is Nicole! I don't mind my middle name, except that it's so common. But I hate when people call me by my middle name. It's my middle name for a reason. 

Day 02 - Talk about your piercings or tattoos, if you have any.

I have my lobes and my left cartilage pierced. I didn't get my lobes pierced until I was a freshman in high school, and then I got my cartilage pierced the summer after I graduated from high school.

Day 03 - Your favourite television program.

Almost too many to name. I love scripted comedy shows like The Office and Community. I also love reality competitions, like Project Runway, Top Chef, and America's Next Top Model. Also, scripted fantasy shows like Supernatural and Grimm. There are a lot more, but those are the basics. 

Day 04 - Write about your closest friend(s).

I actually live with my two best friends. We met at the very start of college, and have been best friends since our first semester here. We're super close and know each other a bit too well because we spend so much time together. 

Day 05 - Tell us your three favourite colours.

Red, teal, and purple!

Day 06 - Your favourite season, and why.

Summer! It's kinda the obvious choice, but my birthday is in the summer, I have more freedom to do my own thing, and I enjoy at least getting a little time to relax.

Day 07 - How you came across blogger, and how your life has changed since joining.

Well, I guess I just enjoyed reading blogs, and eventually I decided that blogging would be a fun hobby. My life hasn't changed a ton except for what I do with my free time. It's just a little more structured now, because I feel the need to actually do work on my blog rather than just sitting around. I typically can't even just sit and watch a show without doing something else at the same time.

Day 08 - Are you a fitness guru or a couch potato? Talk about your exercise habits.

I'm definitely a couch potato... my exercise habits are pretty nonexistent. 

Day 09 - Favourite meme at the moment.

I don't have one. I tend to avoid memes like the plague.

Day 10 - Talk about your pets, or the pets you would like to have.

I don't have any pets. From the ages of 6-17, I had a golden retriever named Sean, but we had to put him down :( That's the only pet I've had for any extended period of time. 

Day 11 - Your top three favourite bands.

My top 2 are easy- McFly and All Time Low. I'm not exactly sure what my next favorite might be. Maybe Parachute? Or Pentatonix? Or The Academy Is...? Or The Audition? I'm honestly not sure. But those two are definitely the top two.

Day 12 - Your thoughts or opinions about Harry Potter.

If you've seen many of my posts, you probably already know that I'm obsessed with Harry Potter. I grew up on the books, they're my favorite series, and they hold an extremely special place in my heart. 

Day 13 - Your thoughts or opinions about Mean Girls.

It's never been my favorite movie, but I have seen it several times, and really enjoy it. 

Day 14 - Do you have siblings? Talk about them, or talk about what it’s like to be an only child.

I don't have siblings. I really like being an only child (which is probably the effects of being an only child). I have always enjoyed having my alone time, and I think that enjoying alone time (or at least being able to cope with it) is an important quality to have to be independent in life.

Day 15 - Tell us your favourite junk food.

Almost any junk food ever. If it's unhealthy, I probably really enjoy it. 

Day 16 - Your favourite Disney Princess movie.

This one is really simple. Mulan. It's hilarious, it has great music, and it has a kick-butt heroine (which cannot be said about older Disney princess movies). 

Day 17 - Your thoughts on Ugg boots.

I don't have a problem with the shoes themselves. They don't look that great (IMO) but they do seem like they're really comfy. My problem is the fact that so many girls wear them to fit in or think that they have to wear them to look cool. 

Also, Uggs with leggings is just illogical. Uggs are for cold weather and leggings are basically tights, so they are thin and not warm at all. They don't go together, and you just look weather confused if you wear them together. 

Day 18 - Do you drink soda more often than milk?

Fun fact- I can't stand milk. Chocolate milk isn't terrible, but I can't drink plain milk. I hate the taste of milk. And I love Dr. Pepper. So, soda. Definitely soda.

Day 19 - The initials of your crush(es).

Right, because I'm actually going to talk about that on my blog.

Day 20 - Do you wear glasses? If so, what are they for?

I don't. 20/20 vision. But if I did, I would assume that I would wear them to see better. Since that's the purpose of glasses.

Day 21 - Your favourite subject to study.

Music, obviously. However, of core classes in high school, I always really enjoyed English. Also, specifically, I really enjoyed Earth and Space Science, which is probably the only science class I've ever enjoyed. 

Day 22 - Do you play a sport? Tell us about it. If not, talk about a different hobby you may have.

I don't play any sports now, but I used to in elementary school. I played basketball 2nd-6th grade, t-ball and coach pitch when I was 6-9, took tennis lessons for a few years, played volleyball 6th and 7th grade, and took horseback riding lessons. The horseback riding lessons were my favorite. If my family hadn't moved to a place where I couldn't take lessons, I probably would've continued.

Day 23 - Your opinions on Lady Gaga.

I don't have terribly strong opinions about Lady Gaga. I'm not really a fan of pop music in general, including her music. So, I don't really like her, but I also don't really care that much.

Day 24 - Tell us about the last movie you saw in theatres.

It's been a little while. I think the last one I saw was Dallas Buyers Club. I mostly saw it just because I really love Jared Leto. A lot.

Day 25 - Tell us about the last book you read (for leisure or for school).

I finished Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare yesterday, and I'm working on Clockwork Princess.

Day 26 - Name one place you would love to visit one day.

The expanded Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I'm really excited to see what all has happened to it. It's super cool.

Day 27 - List your three favourite girls’ names and three favourite boys’ names.

Lainey, Riley, and Regan for girls (also, I like the name Joey)
Ian, Ace, and Jesse for boys

Day 28 - Your first celebrity crush.

I don't know if he was my first celebrity crush, but Nick Jonas was the first celebrity that I had a huge crush on. I was obsessed with The Jonas Brothers back in the day. 

Day 29 - Your opinions on the television show ‘Glee’.

Nothing pleasant. They popularize bad covers of good songs. And yes, the covers are always worse than the original. I don't care too much about the actual plot of the show. Just the fact that they've ruined some good songs with some bad covers. 

Day 30 - Take a picture of yourself right now and post it, or post the most recent picture you can find.

That's probably one of the most recent pictures of me. You wouldn't want to see a picture of me right now. I'm chillin' in my PJs. 

So, there you go, my 30 Day Random Questions Challenge! There are a lot of exciting things happening in the next couple weeks on From Kristen's Brain...! As I said on my Clockwork Prince post, my Clockwork Princess Discussion will probably be up either Monday or Tuesday, with the Infernal Devices series post up the following day.

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you back here soon!

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