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Series I Want To Start in 2015!

Hey, y'all! So, I've started participating in Top 5 Wednesday on YouTube, which is basically a group of BookTubers who make videos each Wednesday listing their top 5 of whatever that week's topic is. This week's topic was "Top 5 series you want to start this year." As someone who really loves series, I got really excited about this topic. So I went to my Goodreads and found myself so completely swamped with series that I created a new shelf called Series To Start. I added the first book in each series that I have on my TBR shelf to this new shelf and was shocked to find that there were a whopping 52 SERIES on my TBR shelf. WHOA. Now, that doesn't mean that I own 52 unread series. Far from it. It just means that there are 52 series to which I have shown varying degrees of interest toward reading.

Because of this vast number of series that I want to read, and due to the fact that I want to read a lot of series this year and am dubbing it The Year of Series, I decided that just talking about 5 series isn't enough. And so, I came up with a list of the series that I'm most looking forward to reading. That doesn't necessarily mean that I'll get to every single one of these this year, but rather that right now, these are the ones I'm really excited about. And rather than ranking them, I just listed them in alphabetical order. Because that's a lot easier.

The Ascendance Trilogy
by Jennifer A Nielsen

I watched a video where a Booktuber talked about this trilogy, and since we don't typically have super-similar taste in books, I didn't really give it a second thought. However, about a month later, I watched the video that Jamie and Jeff from Ermahgerd Berks did, listing their top 14 books of 2014, and Jeff raved about this trilogy. Apparently, the first book has the best twist ever. Anyway, Jeff and I tend to like the same types of books, so that really pushed me to want to read this. I'm so excited about this trilogy that I've bumped it up to like next on my TBR... after The Mime Order, of course.

The Chaos Walking Trilogy
by Patrick Ness

I meant to read this trilogy before the end of 2014, but it didn't happen. I actually started The Knife of Never Letting Go while travelling back to school after Thanksgiving. I got almost halfway through! But then I got to school and got swamped with finals and by the end of it, I knew I wouldn't remember everything that had happened, and so I decided to start over the next time I picked it up and that decision caused me to push it back just a bit. I did, however, really enjoy what I read of the first book. It took a little while to get into it. I'm a huge grammar nazi, and Patrick Ness's writing in this trilogy is really unique and includes misspelling words and it frustrated me to no end at first. But once I got into a groove, it almost didn't bother me. I definitely intend to pick this up relatively soon.

The Checquy Files
by Daniel O'Malley

Once again, The Rook was on my list of books to read before the end of 2014, but that unfortunately didn't happen. Since the second book comes out at the end of June, I might just hold off on reading The Rook until Stiletto comes out... but I'm not sure I'm patient enough for that. From what I understand, this is an adult fantasy dystopian in which our main character, Myfanwy has supernatural powers and is part of a secret organization that battles supernatural forces in Britain. And apparently the book begins with her waking up and having no memory whatsoever of her life before that point. That just sounds absolutely fantastic.

Codex Alera
by Jim Butcher

Regan (PeruseProject) is one of my favorite BookTubers because we have a pretty similar taste in books. And she absolutely raves about this series. This is her favorite series aside from Harry Potter... though I'm not totally sure that she doesn't like this one better than Harry Potter. Either way, I've heard her say good things about this enough times that I just feel like it's time. I need to start this series soon. 

The Dark Artifices
by Cassandra Clare

As I've said many times, I absolutely love Cassandra Clare's books. I love The Mortal Instruments, and I love the Infernal Devices. Both of them are just so great. Cassie creates such great, interesting characters, and her Shadowhunter world is just such a fun world to read about. Even though I'm a little more excited about her other upcoming series, The Last Hours (which is set about 20 years after The Infernal Devices trilogy), I'm still really ready to get back into the Shadowhunter world and see what Cassie has in store next!

A Darker Shade of Magic
by V.E. Schwab

This is another new series that is being released this year, and I'm really excited to get into it because it just sounds so interesting. It's a fantasy with parallel Londons and a character who is a traveler and can go between these parallel Londons. Overall, this just sounds like a super interesting new series, and I cannot wait until the first book comes out in February.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Series
by Douglas Adams

I'm not sure if I plan on reading the entire series, but I have heard that the sense of humor that this book has is very similar to my own sense of humor, so I feel the need to read at least the first one.

The Kingkiller Chronicle
by Patrick Rothfuss

I've actually already started this series. I'm not super far into the first book, but I can already tell that the writing is amazing. My plan is to read both of these this month. I should also probably pick up the novella at some point, but that's definitely not my first priority. I'm really excited to finally get to these.

The Lord of the Rings
by J.R.R. Tolkien

Honestly, at this point I'm just embarrassed that I haven't read this trilogy already. I just need to read it already. 

The Lunar Chronicles
by Marissa Meyer

This series has been on my TBR since I first started watching BookTube and got on Goodreads. It seems like something I'll really enjoy, and I've been slowly collecting these over the past year. I've pre-ordered the paperback copy of Cress, and I'll get it on January 27th, so once I've finished The Mime Order and the Ascendance Trilogy, I have a feeling that these will be the first books that I jump into. They just look so good. 

Pathfinder Series
by Orson Scott Card

I've heard great things about this series from BookTubers who share my taste in books and generally have the same opinions on books as I do. It sounds really cool, with some really interesting paranormal abilities involved. 

A Song of Ice and Fire
by George R.R. Martin

This is another one that I just need to get on. I'm so late to the game on this. It's exactly my type of book, and I really want to watch the TV show as well. I just need to read these. For real. 

Throne of Glass Series
by Sarah J. Maas

Once again, I've heard nothing but great things from BookTubers who share the same taste in books as me, and it just sounds so great. The main character seems like such an awesome, strong female lead and I definitely love seeing that in books. Plus, she's an assassin and it's a fantasy. Yes, please!

So, those are the series I want to start in 2015! I'm not sure I'll be able to finish all of these by the end of the year, but since a handful only have 1 or 2 books out, I'm hoping to be able to get through most of these before the end of the year! What series are you most looking forward to starting in 2015? Let me know down in the comments!

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