Thursday, October 31, 2013

31 Day Halloween Challenge!

1) Favorite Halloween movie
This is going to sound kinda weird coming from a 19 year old college student, but there's one Halloween movie that I've never been able to get past since my childhood- Double Double, Toil and Trouble. Yes, the 1993 Mary-Kate and Ashley movie. I always loved it when I was younger, and I still have it on VHS. I don't know why, but that's a Halloween movie I've always loved... even though I'm too old for it now.

2) Halloween costume this year
Unfortunately, I've become a boring person who just sits inside on Halloween insead of dressing up. And I'm not a party person, so I don't even have that to dress up for.

3) Favorite Horror Movie
I love horror movies SO much, so I have a lot of favorites. The Shining is amazing, Evil Dead, Saw, The Ring, and Sweeney Todd... I'd say those are probably my top 5.

4) Best Halloween/Fall themed food
Those sugar cookies with pumpkins on them! Yummmmy!

5) Your first horror movie
I think the first one I watched was One Missed Call. I got into horror movies in junior high, and it was fairly new and looked cool, so I decided to watch it. I also watched The Skeleton Key and When A Stranger Calls about that time too.

6) What type of monster do you want to be?
Monster? I've always thought vampires were cool... does that count?

7) Favorite Halloween character
This question seems a little vague. Favorite to dress up as? As said above, I like vampires!

8) One of your paranormal experiences
Hate to burst y'all's bubbles, but I just don't believe in ghosts. I do, however, really enjoy watching Ghost Adventures and laughing at their claims. I also really like when Zak taunts the "spirits."

9) Do you believe in witchcraft?
Well obviously people practice witchcraft, but I don't think that the things they worship actually exist so basically they're doing all these rituals for nothing, IMO.

10) Best costume you've ever worn
My senior year of high school, I dressed up as Hermione from Harry Potter! I was so excited that I went all-out just to get it perfect!

11) Favorite candy
Oh goodness... I love candy so much. My favorite chocolates are Reeses, Butterfinger, and Snickers... as far as sweets, I love sweet tarts, gobstoppers... basically any wonka candy.

12) How you act when watching a scary movie
I really like watching with friends because I enjoy laughing at their freaked out reactions. I'm pretty chill while watching horror movies. I kinda just don't have a reaction. Just sometimes I jump because of jump scares, but that's about it.

13) Best pumpkin carving you've done
I've actually never carved a pumpkin, because my parents never let me when I was younger. I just drew on it with sharpie.

14) Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?
Not in the slightest, which is why I can watch anything without fear.

15) Halloween decoration tips
I think anything creepy is fine, but it's not cool when people purposely try to scare people when they come up to their house, because you could terrify children. It happened to me several times as a child. If someone's going to purposely scare people at their house, they need to make sure it's only older children through adults. Scaring little kids is not ok.

16) What do you use to hold candy when you trick or treat?
I've used cheap buckets, buckets with my name on it, and pillow cases.

17) Your Halloween traditions
When I was younger, sometimes we had creepy dinners. Now, it's just horror movies!

18) Best Halloween pranks or dares
I like anything scary. Seriously, anything!

19) Biggest fear
I'm absolutely terrified of birds, especially ostriches and emus. I also don't like clowns and spiders.

20) Best TV show Halloween episode
I love, love, LOVE the Halloween episode in season 2 of Community. Everyone turns into zombies and it's both creepy and funny.

21) Opinion on October weather
Depends where I am. I live in Tennessee in October, and I'm pretty OK with the weather here. It's cool, but generally not too cold, except at night. I lived in Texas, and liked October weather there... my parents live in South Dakota, and last year on fall break in October, I almost froze to death... and they have snow right now. So, as long as it's just cool or at least fairly warm, I'm good.

22) First Halloween Costume
I think I was a pumpkin my first Halloween!

23) Worst Halloween Candy
Don't hate me, but I absolutely CANNOT stand candy corn! It was always THE Halloween candy as a child, but I absolutely hated it. I got annoyed every time someone gave those out. Just yuck.

24) Trick or Treating OR Halloween Party?
Trick or Treating, FOR SURE. I'm not a party fan.

25) Favorite Halloween Song
This is Halloween! Duh!

26) Have you ever used an Ouija board? Experiences?
Nah. Ghosts aren't real, so I've never felt the need to try Ouija boards.

27) Halloween costume last year?
I had a pseudo-costume... I dressed kinda as the female Alex Gaskarth (lead singer of All Time Low, one of my favorite bands... I did a 30 day ATL challenge as well, and you can check it out here if you'd like!).

28) Your Halloween plans this year?
Horror movie night with my best friends!

29) Some Halloween events you've attended
I went to several holiday parties when I was younger, but that's about it.

30) Favorite Halloween animal?
Halloween animal? A black cat?

31) Why do you love Halloween?
Candy, Costumes, and Horror movies. The end.

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