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Top 10 Songs: July 2017

I've decided to try out something new on here, so we'll see how this goes. I'm hoping to make this a monthly thing, so expect to see more of these in the future!

Anyway, for the past couple months, I've been listening to music a lot more than I usually do. I've always really loved music (I mean, I have a literal degree in it...), but over the past couple years I've been listening to podcasts in the place of music when commuting and haven't really been discovering new music apart from recent releases from my favorite bands. But, in May I started to get into KPop. And ever since then, I've been devouring new songs & bands left and right and decided that I might as well document it. So today, I'm going to be listing my top 10 songs of July 2017-- the 10 songs that I've had on constant repeat all month long.

Given that I tend to get obsessed with musicians and songs for long periods of time, I figured monthly posts were the best way to go. I'm discovering new songs constantly, but the ones that stick always end up sticking for quite a while.

For this first post, a lot of the songs on here are ones that hooked me at first listen. Something about the music just spoke directly to me and refused to let me go. This is particularly true for the last song on this list, which I fell in love with quicker than I've ever fallen in love with a song before. Seriously, it might be the most auditorily satisfying song I've ever listened to. So, without any further rambling, here are my top 10 songs of July!

Imaginary Parties by Superfruit

I'm starting the list off with the only non-KPop song on it. I absolutely LOVE Superfruit, the musical duo made up of Scott and Mitch from Pentatonix. I've been a Pentatonix fan for years, and I've been watching Superfruit's YouTube channel from the very beginning. So, of course, when they announced that they would be releasing not one, but TWO EPs, I was excited and immediately pre-ordered them. And Future Friends Part 1 did not disappoint-- the whole thing is awesome. I've had Bad 4 Us on repeat since they released it in the fall, but the other song from the EP that really grabbed me was Imaginary Parties. It's got such a unique sound and the music video is so aesthetically pleasing that I just couldn't help but fall in love with it. Worth It (Perfect) is another favorite from the EP, but Imaginary Parties is the one I've listened to the most.

Her by Block B

A common theme you'll find among these K Pop songs is that I discovered them through "guess the song" YouTube quizzes. I heard the chorus of this song and immediately needed to know what it was, because it was so catchy. I subsequently discovered their song Yesterday the same way & fell in love with it as well, but Her is the one that I've had on constant repeat. These are the only two songs by Block B that I've listened to, but I need to check out more of their music. Their songs, especially Yesterday, give me a little bit of an early 2000s pop-rock vibe, which is one of my favorite genres. This is a group that I can definitely see myself falling in love with very soon. All that being said, I actually can't watch this music video, because a freaking OSTRICH randomly pops up in the first rap verse and my biggest fear is large birds so I had to actually turn the video off when that came up. Pls no.

Growl by Exo

In July, there was one single KPop group that I completely fell in love with. Apart from songs by that group, this is the #1 song I've fallen in love with this month. I could also easily see myself falling in love with Exo as a group as well (because I've now downloaded several of their songs), but I really need to listen to more of their music and watch some of their variety show appearances before that happens. But this song is possibly one of the catchiest songs I've ever heard-- not just the chorus, but the entire thing. It popped up on a "guess the song" quiz and I was obsessed. I immediately went and listened to it all the way through and loved it. I already had a bit of a soft spot for Exo because Xiumin guested on several episodes of Crime Scene, one of my favorite TV shows, so that probably helped them out too. Either way, this is such an amazing song and I'll probably continue listening to it on repeat for quite a while. 

Overdose by Exo

After Growl (I almost wrote Wolf there lol. Definitely not Wolf. Yikes. I still can't make up my mind about... that.), this is my favorite Exo song so far. Once again, the chorus is incredibly catchy, but the verses are also really interesting. I also have Call Me Baby, Monster, and Love Me Right (and have enjoyed others that I have yet to download), but Overdose is leading the pack (ayyy Wolf haha I'll stop now...). I've listened to my fair share of Exo songs at this point, and I've liked every single one. I'm guessing that by this time next month, I've begun stanning Exo, and I'm perfectly fine with that. No other group I've listened to casually has impressed me like they have. 

Devil by Super Junior

I've been familiar with Super Junior for a bit longer than most of these groups because A- 4 Super Junior members were on an episode of The Genius (my favorite TV show ever), and B- Heechul is like... everywhere. But, I finally listened to some of their music this month, and they're definitely impressing me. Not quite as much as Exo, but close. Devil is a pretty up-tempo song, but it also has this kinda chill vibe to it that I really enjoy. I wouldn't necessarily call it a "catchy" song, like I have with the others, but rather one that just really grabbed me. I definitely plan to listen to more of their music soon.

Mamacita by Super Junior

This is the first Super Junior song I listened to, and this one is super catchy. This is once again a "guess the song" quiz discovery and I immediately found it interesting. I've known for a while that brass instruments (or tech-produced faux brass instruments) are something that I always love hearing in songs, and that's one of many reasons that I really loved this one. I have yet to listen to any songs by Super Junior apart from these 2, but I'm definitely going to be listening to more in the very near future. 

Bad by Infinite

Forget "Songs of July." This is my song of the summer, 2017. Infinite is bae. I've refrained from using that phrase for months at this point, but I can't help myself. I fell head over heels in love for Infinite back in May and they've quickly become one of my favorite bands of all time. From their mega-talent, to their great choreo, to their hilariously precious and dorky personalities, I've gotten obsessed with them. And this song, Bad, is my favorite song by them. It's been on constant repeat since the beginning of May and I'm still completely in love with it. Their live performances of Bad are so epic, the line distribution is one of their best (still not super even, but Sunggyu has one of the most repetitive lines, so it's more even than it seems), and Woohyun's vocals on it are NO JOKE. UGH, this song is so good. 

The Got7 Section

So, before I jump into these last 4, I should probably talk about the fact that they're all by the same group, AKA the aforementioned group that I fell in love with in July-- GOT7! Honestly, I can't believe that I didn't start listening to them until July, because it feels like so much longer. But, here we are. Anyway, I'd seen their videos pop up constantly as recommended videos in the sidebar of other Infinite videos and for some reason, though there were other groups who would often pop up, they were the ones that intrigued me. I actually listened to a song or two back in June and liked them, but didn't quite fall in love. The last song on this list is the aforementioned "most auditorily satisfying song ever" and the song that made me actually fall in love with them in July.  

Note: I'm writing this on July 31st and JJ PROJECT COMEBACK YAY! But, since it just released today, I'm not including it here. It'll probably end up on my August list in some form or fashion.

Never Ever by Got7

Got7's most recent single! On first listen (in June), I thought it was alright but that was about it. Fast forward to July, when I was going through their music and finally listened to this one again (I was worried I might actually dislike it, given my 'meh' vibe the first time). But, this time, I really loved it. The rap lines in this one are especially interesting for me, with the unique inflections that they put on the lyrics. Plus, something about Yugyeom's voice on this one just works super well, as does Jinyoung's, so it's nice to see the lead vocalists shine more (IMO) than the main vocalists, for once. 

Hard Carry by Got7

What can I even say about this? It's just such a cool song. The MV is really awesome and the music is fantastic. Jackson's voice is at peak deep-raspy and it works so well. And don't even get me started on Mark's solo "Hard Carry, hey" near the end of the song. For a group of 7 absolutely precious humans who don't even have to try to be cute when doing cute concepts, this song has such a cool, epic vibe and they absolutely slay the cool concept. Also, Youngjae's high note tho. Also, can we get Jinyoung out of these water case things? lol

Just Right by Got7

This might possibly be the cutest song on the planet. The music video is adorable, and their various dance practices for the song are hilarious because they can't manage to be serious for more than 5 seconds. Like I said, they kill it when it comes to cute concepts. Especially Mark. Like... Stop Stop It (sorry, couldn't help myself with the pun...). The chorus of this song is incredibly catchy, bubbly, and fun. This is probably the song by them that's gotten the most replays this month, and I've watched this video and the other dance practice SO MANY TIMES and I'm still not sick of it (and probably won't ever be). Just Right is honestly just Got7 being completely in their wheelhouse, doing what they do best, and doing it to utter perfection.

If You Do by Got7

Guys. This is the song. THE SONG. The song that (IMO) is possibly the most auditorily satisfying song I've ever listened to. If you haven't heard this song before, do yourself a favor and give it a listen. Watch the actual music video, and then watch the dance practice below. Seriously, the DP is presh but the song is much less important in the video than the adorable chaos going on with these dorks dancing in their living room, with their puppy, in PJs & slippers. 

Anyway, this is the song that made me fall in love with Got7. Honestly, idk if this speaks to other people the same way it does to me, but I fell in love during the first verse. Like I said, it's less that it's catchy and more that it's so satisfying. Everything about it just works so perfectly. Jinyoung's part at the very beginning is beautiful, and JB's part in the chorus is honestly actual perfection. Also, in the real dance practice (as opposed to the silly one below), the stomping of their feet in perfect rhythm with the lyrics during JB's part of the chorus is 10x more satisfying than any "oddly satisfying" video compilation will ever be. I'm dead serious and completely obsessed. I don't like the spoken word parts, but I care so little about them that I just forget they're there. This song is just... perfect. TBH, it's pretty high up there in terms of my all-time favorite songs. It's so fantastic. Seriously, check it out if you haven't already listened to it. And if you have already seen it, enjoy the silly dance practice below, because it's the cutest.

OK, so those are the 10 songs. I did want to briefly mention one "honorable mention"-ish thing really quickly though. So, there's one last song that I considered putting on this list, but decided not to. And that is War of Hormone by BTS. I've only listened to a couple BTS songs, but I've enjoyed them so far. And the music of War of Hormone is far and away above many of the songs I've listened to this month, including several on this list. HOWEVER, I can't stand the lyrics. This is the problem with K Pop-- it's so easy to listen to a song and not realize that the lyrics are awful until you've already fallen in love with the music. It happened to me once with Inconvenient Truth by Infinite, and it happened again with War of Hormone. WoH has such a cool early 2000s pop-rock vibe, much like Block B, and the music immediately made me fall in love with it. But the lyrics are pretty misogynistic and honestly just kinda gross, so I have trouble considering it a song that I like. But, I did want to at least note that the music is freaking fantastic, which makes the lyrics even more of a shame.

So, those are my Top 10 Songs of July 2017! Let me know down in the comments what you think of the songs I've mentioned in this post, and if this is a series that you'd like to see more of in the future! I'm going to keep doing it (or not doing it-- idk, I'm indecisive) regardless, but I always enjoy getting feedback!

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